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Tsubaki's sorting unit "QuickSort" achieves high-speed and high-accurate sorting.


  • Quiet Sorting by Ball-Shaped Rollers
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Safety Design


Sorting Capacity <Max.> 7,200 pcs/hour

Material to be handled
<Max.> L1000 x W600 x H600 Weight: 50kg
<Min.> L250 x W200 x H15 Weight: 0.1kg
Carton Box, Plastic Container, Packaged Magazine/Newspaper, Piece Items, etc.
Feeding Method Auto Feeding by Conveyor
Drive Induction Motor


  • Distribution Center for Home Appliances, Clothing and Food Handling
  • B to C Delivery Center for Mail-Orders
  • Newspaper Printing Factory
  • Others

Application Example

Operating QuickSort with rack allows for effective picking various products in small quantities to various delivery. Cases are automatically conveyed and stop at operator's picking position and then the operator picks up items from rack and put them in the case. Then, the cases are delivered to the next positions.

tsubaki-QuickSort-mhd.jpg tsubaki-QuickSort1-mhd.jpg

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