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Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the world; to continue such rapid growth requires high quality components in machinery, which has always been our area of expertise. Tsubaki components feature in every stage of waste-to-energy process lines, from initial waste delivery to handling of associated by-products from incineration.

Tsubaki conveyor chains, linear actuators, sprockets, cableveyors and cam clutches for waste-to-energy applications are designed for ultimate reliability and unparalleled performance. Since waste can vary greatly in state, we also offer full customization and the expertise of chain specialists as part of our service package.


Conveyor chain for waste treatment

Tsubaki's has developed a range of long lasting conveyor chain which is designed specifically for the industry and offers prolonged life in waste treatment facilities.

Power and Performance for Waste Incineration Plants

You will find Tsubaki products being used throughout waste incineration plants, from initial receipt of burnable and non-burnable bulky trash to ash conveyance and slagging.

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