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Ash Conveyor

Conveying dry or wet ash is one the most challenging applications a chain can be subjected to. Chains installed in such facilities are traditionally expected to only function effectively for up to 12 months due to the debilitating wear effects and varying temperatures of ash. However at Tsubaki that's one tradition we refuse to keep. We tackle this application by offering our customers wide ranging customization options. Additional hardening is available for the roller outer diameter surface, the roller inner diameter and the bush outer diameter surfaces to reduce wear and greatly increase service life.

Furthermore, improved pin materials are available to eradicate pitting caused by corrosion. Therefore, our chains will wear evenly and predictably, avoiding the debilitating effects of uneven wear on conveyor efficiency. To supplement this, Tsubaki Engineering Support can analyze chains when replacement is required, offering metrics on chain wear life that can further optimize the conveying process. With adaptability and reliable maintenance support, Tsubaki chains work in multiple years, not months.