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Stopping a paper production line is no easy task, so specifying a chain that eliminates the risks of unplanned downtime is extremely important to process paper with peace of mind.

Dust contaminates drive chains, unless you specify one of our Lambda lube-free chains, which eliminate the external lubricant dust can reside in. Oil impregnated bushes therefore ensure that the risks of chain contamination are effectively reduced, delivering reliability in even the dustiest environments. Lack of external lubricant also allays fears of product contamination, protecting your paper from becoming unusable.

Moisture also leeches from paper during rolling, so your drive chain needs to be resistant to the corrosive impact of such an environment. Furthermore, chemicals within the paper can also cause adverse effects to a chain. Luckily, our Lambda, small conveyor and drive chain products can be specified as corrosion resistant models - maximizing the service life of your components and reducing your total cost of ownership.