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Reduced maintenance and improved cleanliness maximizes production for paper accumulators. The rolling and cutting process in paper production inevitably causes large amounts of dust, which will contaminate external chain lubricant and cause failure due to excessive wear. If the chain wears unevenly then the accumulator can jam unexpectedly, leading to prolonged periods of downtime.

Working with OEMs and aftermarket specialists, Tsubaki is able to supply lube free drive chain which protects against premature wear in abrasive environments.
Tsubaki's Lambda Lube Free chain is dry to the touch, making operation and maintenance procedures far cleaner and protecting paper from damage due to contamination from grease and oil.

Constructed to our premium standards and with a wide range of customization options, we have all the power transmission tools you require for an accumulating process. End-users are able to focus on production rather than maintenance.

Tsubaki boosts log saw accumulator availability

When a tissue manufacturer was struggling with the performance and reliability of the chain drive feeding tissue logs into an accumulator it turned to Tsubaki for help in reducing the lost production time.

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