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Pharmaceutical Packaging

At Tsubaki, we offer a range of high precision robust chains to support this most demanding of sectors, where precision is mated with hygiene concerns.

Our Lambda lube-free chain features oil impregnated bushes which lubricate the chain without external lubricant, minimizing contamination risks and helping to ensure that product is compliant to industry regulations. Consistent lubrication via this method creates even wear on the chain, which prolongs wear life and reducing maintenance requirements.

The Gripper chain series also makes an ideal selection for thermoforming, with its high resistance to elongation especially useful for feeding film over product accurately. For a uniform packing process, look no further.

For environments where a chain may encounter corrosion from moisture, saltwater or wash downs with alkaline aqueous solutions, Tsubaki offers the new Neptune Chain series with special surface treatment for superb corrosion (rust) and chemical resistance.

Contact a Tsubaki representative to learn more about the total solutions we can provide when developing new equipment or reviewing existing models.

A wide range of Tsubaki products

Meeting customers' needs for quality and functionality and contributing to the creation of reliable equipment. Tsubaki's extensive line-up of products supports every function of medical equipment, taking advantage of the company's many successes and experience with various applications.

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