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Automotive Paint Line

First impressions count. Which is why the quality of a car's paintwork can mean the difference between success and failure on the forecourt. A quality finish relies on a smooth and consistent journey through the paint line: from the initial primer coat to the intermediate and top coats. The residue of chain lubricant in the atmosphere can contaminate the painted bodies as they enter the furnace tunnel, while abrasive paint materials can cause chain wear which will lead to eventual failure of the complete production line.

With Tsubaki lube free chain there is no requirement for external lubrication, meaning that atmospheric contamination is not a risk. The chain also prevents ingress of external contaminants, which maximizes operational life and keeps the paint line moving. Our engineers have developed bespoke solutions for some of the world's premium car manufacturers.

We focus on delivering a high quality product with minimal maintenance requirements. Ensuring that unplanned downtime is avoided and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is kept down.